About Us

SCGM Berhad (SCGM) was established in 1984 through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lee Soon
Seng Plastic Industry Sdn Bhd, and is Malaysia’s leading thermo-vacuum form plastic packaging
manufacturer. SCGM provides end-to-end production from extrusion to packaging and delivery
to its customers in Malaysia and overseas. The Group has more than 60 well-known brands in
its portfolio from various sectors including food, medical, electronics and others.
The Group has strong in-house design capabilities to customise packaging according to
customers’ requirements and has produced more than 5,000 moulds across various product
categories. The Group owns the “Benxon”, “TempScan”, “TempScan Cover”, and “Kingtex”
brands; with about 52 mould designs registered under the Intellectual Property (IP) Office of
Singapore and 62 mould designs registered under IP Corporation of Malaysia.